Hola again,
I am Andrea, a Colombian 🇨🇴 UX Designer, Traveler, Plant and Cat Mom living in the DC area. 
Currently, I am a Designer II working in Microsoft Azure ☁️

My past life as an educator makes me a better UX designer. Three years of professional teaching means understanding how people learn and behave is second nature to me. The art of making information appealing became my thing when I had to grab student's attention for 45 minutes or longer. I know how to solve problems in the spot under the eyes of 30 or more people in the same room!
My years as an educator, combined with the skills I gained through the UX Certificate Program at GWU, and the experience I've gained these past three years designing for non-profits, luxury goods and Real Estate organizations, the Government and most recently, for an Enterprise make me a great candidate to hit the ground running with any UX team!
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🪴 Plants
🐱🐈‍⬛ Cats
📺 Friends, How I Met your Mother, Gossip Girl or any show inspired by/filmed in NYC!
💎 Gemstones
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